Why Is Eating Different Source Of Protein Paramount?

Why do we even need protein?

Protein is an important part of any diet, whether you’re making improvements, losing weight, competition prepping, changing your lifestyle or just simply maintaining your health.

Protein works together with muscles, bones, skin, hair, nails, and metabolism functioning, helping our day to day stability.

We need to intake protein DAILY to ensure our body is getting what it needs, as we don’t store protein like we do fats.

Why should I consume different sources of protein?

Although protein is usually associated with solid meats like chicken, beef, etc, protein can also be found in plants, which is perfect for vegetarians/vegans. The only downside to plant-based protein is that it may lack some essential amino acids. This isn’t a huge problem as there are different types of proteins you can intake to make up for that.

While intaking different sources of protein, you open yourself up to different values from each, while illuminating any one particular toxin.

Where can I find it?

  • Grass-fed beef – Animal protein is more complete and contains more essential amino acids, adding items like steak in our diets can really help with that protein intake.
  • Salmon – This is great source of protein, while offering a healthy dose of great fats.
  • Eggs – A medium egg will on average contain around 6g of protein along with all 20 amino acids!
  • Soya – An example of soya foods is tofu, which is a meat substitute but is still rich in protein.
  • A variation of nuts – Nuts tend to be calorie dense, however they offer (on average, using pistachios as an example) 6g of protein per 50 nuts plus a number of aminos.
  • Dried lentils – For vegetarians/vegans, these are great and offer 13g of protein per 50g.
  • Whey protein – These are commonly associated with the gym industry, but in fact if you’re looking for a quick source of protein which contains all the essential aminos, with nutritional value, these are great.

My favourite protein sources

While prepping, it’s hard to get overexcited about food, but I try anyway! My favourite sources of protein are:

  • Lean beef
  • Egg whites
  • Chicken
  • PhD Diet Whey Protein (White Chocolate/Chocolate Cookie)
  • Soya milk

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